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The Bible isn't about us (thank God!)

Do you have a favorite verse?  What stands out about it to you? To ask the question a little differently, "Who is that verse about?" Is that verse about Christ? Or is that verse about you? When the Scriptures become about us, when we read the Bible as if it's primarily telling our story, we'll find a Gospel that is unfortunately full of us rather than full of Christ.  Searching for our soul's deepest needs, we'll instead find a mirror of our own creation. What we need to be reminded of--what we need to be assured of--is that the Scriptures are not actually about us. As important as the Scriptures are to our daily lives, as important as the salvation they proclaim is to us, the Scriptures are not about us.  This is great news! For example, take the Psalms. Many of the Psalms are written in the first person: "I thought this," "I did this," "My enemies," "My affliction," etc.  When we read that, the temptation is t