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Forgiveness is great and all, but what else you got?

Blessed is the one whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. (Psalm 32:1, ESV)

What do you count among your blessings?

Most people would answer with some mix of relationships, accomplishments and circumstances. We're blessed with friends, with families, with health, with jobs, with successes and so on.

The psalm reminds us of a deeper and better blessing, though. How blessed are you to be forgiven by God himself.

But that's not one we jump to usually, is it? On Thanksgiving, little Timmy doesn't usually say [insert tiny, cartoony voice], "I'm grateful that I have been forgiven for transgressing God's law..."

Why don't we think of this blessing more? Is it because it's assumed? Is it because we forget? Maybe because it's just distasteful to reflect on, who knows?

But chief among our blessings is not our relationships in this world but rather our restored relationship with our God. The accomplishment that matters is not our own but Christ's for us. Lasting blessing is not found in our changing circumstances but in the solid Rock on which we stand.

In eternity, you are not known for the sins of yesterday or the sins of ten years ago. In Christ, your transgression is forgiven. By his blood, it is covered.

How blessed you are!


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