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Communion Thoughts

I was meditating on communion in light of my sermon on Luke 2:1-7. I hope you are blessed, today and tomorrow! The birth of Christ has everything to do with the Lord’s Supper. Jesus was born with a purpose. His purpose was not to reach his potential nor was his purpose to live a happy life. Jesus was born to die. That’s not saying that he was born knowing that human beings get old and die. He had no intent of reaching old age. Jesus came to pay the debt his people owed. Jesus came to die. We can only separate Jesus’ birth from his death if we forget why he came. And the Lord’s Table refuses to let us do that. Moreover, the Lord’s Table doesn’t just remind us why he came, it reminds us of what he did. He accomplished what he intended. He paid the redemption price for his people. He satisfied justice so that his people might escape judgement. The manger scene bore awe-filled witness to the newly born Savior’s first cries. Yet in those infant cries, calvary’s echo replies: “I